Paint Calculator

Our paint calculator allows you to calculate how many cans of paints you require to paint a room. We hope this tool proves useful and should you ever require a painter and decorator you think of us.

How to use:
Enter the size details of your room including doors and windows as appropriate. The measurements should be entered in meters and centimeters e.g. 3 meters and 25 cm would be entered as 3.25 . You required to enter how many square meters each can of paint is capable of covering, most cans of paint indicate how many square meters they will cover. Remember this tool calculates the amount of paint you require for one coat, please read the manufacture's instructions regarding how many coats should be applied.


  • Wall 1 Width:
  • M
  • Wall 1 Height:
  • M
  • Wall 2 Width:
  • M
  • Wall 2 Height:
  • M
  • Wall 3 Width:
  • M
  • Wall 3 Height:
  • M
  • Wall 4 Width:
  • M
  • Wall 4 Height:
  • M


  • Door 1 Width:
  • M
  • Door 1 Height:
  • M
  • Door 2 Width:
  • M
  • Door 2 Height:
  • M


  • Window 1 Width:
  • M
  • Window 1 Height:
  • M
  • Window 2 Width:
  • M
  • Window 2 Height:
  • M

Paint coverage

  • Paint can covers:
  • M


  • Click to calculate, results shown below.


  • Number of cans required:
  • Wall 1 Area:
  • M
  • Wall 2 Area:
  • M
  • Wall 3 Area:
  • M
  • Wall 4 Area:
  • M
  • Total Area including windows and doors:
  • M
  • Total Area excluding windows and doors:
  • M

This tool is provided simply as a rough guide and we accept no responsibility or liability related to its use.


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